Strict ethic

Jury members will be announced after the voting period during the Finance Summit Award Ceremony.
No solicitation of Jury members is allowed.

Control guarantee

Procedure and vote results will be transmitted to Sir Engel, Bailiff.
No manipulation of any kind is allowed.

Clear independence

IT One, as all Farvest communities, do not take part in the voting process because of its commercial relations with some candidates. Moreover, members of the Jury can’t vote for any award when a member of his/her team is a candidate or a company which has capitalistic relation with his/hers.

Absolute priority given to IT Managers/CIOs from Luxembourg

Jury members are CIOs, COOs, IT managers from Luxembourg.
Consultants are not admitted.

A special thank to the 2018 Jury members:

Christian Kettmann, CFL

Olivier Vansteelandt, AXA Luxembourg

Daniel Mathieu, Ferrero International

Sébastien Wiertz, Paul Wurth

Nabil Meziani, Rakuten

Christian Demaret, Foyer Assurance

David Gillet, Luxair S.A.

David Pollastro, Vauban, Ecole et Lycée Français de Luxembourg

Pierre-Yves Geffe, Swedbank

Jean-Paul Hengen, Luxinnovation GIE

Jean-Marie Orosco, European Investment Bank

Eric Mansuy, KBL European Private Bankers

Vincent Booz, Jindal Films Europe

Bernard Lhermitte, ING Luxembourg

Jean-François Lippert, Natixis Bank

Vincent Martin, Advanzia Bank S.A.

Laurent Brochmann, Deloitte Luxembourg

Jean-Marc Verdure, Enovos

Pascal Bandner, CFL Multimodal S.A.

Gilles Feith, Centre des technologies de l’information de l’État

Vincent Arnal, Lalux Assurance

Muriel Gaspard, CAMCA Assurance

Hocine Berrane, CALI Europe

Andreas Kern, Euro-Composites S.A.

David Hagen, CSSF

Thierry Decker, Administration des Services de Secours

Bruno Wozniak, SES

Jean-Luc Martino, Banque Raiffeisen

Frederic Perrey, KPMG

Georges Berscheid, Finologee

Yves Baguet, BIL

Ludwig Balmer, Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

Patrick Bouckaert, Allianz

Philipp Jaeggi, Laboratoires Réunis

Christian Adam, CTIE

Alain Fontaine, Doctena

Roland Schoenauen, Wort

Manuel Campello, CMCM

Andre Ottavino, Alter Domus

Olivier Beaujean, IEE

Abdelhay Toudma, Arendt & Medernach

Laurent Fressonnet, Félix GIORGETTI